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I first met Mabanz when "freedom was (just) an embryo"; when I was myself searching for a home in 'conscious sisterhood', yes a "sisterhood of confused identities”. The 'Crart avenue era' was an era that strengthened our connections and later gave birth to our collective '3rd Eye Vision'. It was where "we ate that to feed this" and in turn "it ate us to feed itself". We believed in this place, inhabited this time without being slaves to its habits". We explored the thin lines between sanity and insanity when we discovered K. Sello Duiker, we were enchanted by Ben Okri, suckled from Sindiwe Mangona and fed from Alice Walker to nourish our creative dreams. Songs affirmed us, words and images and we worked for the fear of God. There will always be fiction in the spaces between us, we know we are in truth, the truth we seek and we don’t even cry about it no more... we are initiated, we are Twased up!

Gabi Ngcobo

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